Bathroom for transgenders

How’s it going out there everybody?

Today I wanted to talk about the issue going on right now with the bathroom usage among transgenders. I kind of wanted to discuss this with you guys and read your guy’s comments on the topic. I think this could be a good topic to cover for this post.

Do you guys feel as though it is right for a transgender to use whichever bathroom they prefer to use?

A lot of people are having an issue accepting that this thought could truly become a reality.

President Obama has come out with the stance that the person using the bathroom may use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

I’m anxious to read your guys’ thoughts/comments and if you prefer to just email and not make your opinion public you can always email me at


Hello everyone!!
I hope everyone had a great Mother’s day and spent quality time with their mothers. Don’t forget to attend church this week and weekend and give thanks to the great God that we have for giving us this life of abundance!!

Is the pope in the Illuminati?

Last September Pope Francis spoke before congress and it was a little unusual. First off, the pope didn’t open his speech up with a prayer which is weird considering he is a man of God. He actually didn’t even end up speaking of God or Jesus in his entire speech and opened immediately with the talk on social justice.

He had the opportunity to bring Jesus or God into the equation while the entire world was watching yet he never mentioned either once. Go to any church service and I guarantee you they will open up the mass with prayer. Yet the pope decided to skip out on this?

Obama was in attendance for this occasion and Obama has been strongly linked to the Illuminati.

This is not the first time the pope has opened up speeches before without prayer. As a matter of fact Donald Trump has called out the pope as being the false prophet.

Pope Francis also threw up a Satanic gang sign that is most notably used by Illuminati members.

This is certainly something to think about and consider. I do not mean to offend people with this post despite the fact I believe I have and will. I’m always willing to risk putting my opinions and questions out on the line and if their are people out there who would like to speak to me about this matter you are more than welcome to shoot me an email.


Church renovations

How’s it going out there every body? Some very exciting news to share with everyone in regards to the new additions to the renovated church in Bay Village.

Just wanted to update you on the new renovations for St. Raphaels church. The church is going to be built much larger than the current one that is in place on Dover Center in Bay Village. The seating is expected to expand to 1,100 which is almost doubling its current seating.

The project also will include a chapel and community room.

The old church was built in 1953 and was host to 6 masses each and every weekend for thousands of people.

The stain glassed window from the old church will still be used in the new one as it will be refurbished. The crucifix, tabernacle and marble will also still, be used in the new church.

The plumbing for the new church were finished by Akron plumbers. The architect for the new church will be Zarzycki-Malik, which has done projects for the school before on prior occasions. The general contractor for the construction is John G. Johnson Construction group.


Merry Christmas!!

I wanted to come on here and make a short post hoping that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday. Christmas is one of the most important times of the year as it is the birth of Christ.

I would love to hear from you guys out there who are following my blog on what your Christmas traditions are. Do you spend time with family? Go eat at a certain restaurant every year? Go to mass at your favorite church?

One thing I’d like this blog to be is a “community” type blog. What I mean by this is that I’d like for everyone following to get involved. Everyone can voice their opinion on topics we’ll be speaking about over the course of this domains presence.

I’ll post an email that people can send emails to talking about each and every topic at the end of this post and all post going forward so that you all can get a hold of me.

I’ll start off talking about my big Christmas Eve/Christmas tradition that I have with my family.

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to mass at a church called St. Raphael Parish at 4:30. After mass we go straight over to Brio Tuscan Grill at Crocker Park. This has been our tradition for years.

Christmas morning we wake up very early and we open presents. the rest of the day we usually hang around and then my grandmother comes over for Christmas dinner. After dinner we usually go up and bowl at a bowling alley, which is the only alley open on Christmas.

Now I want to hear from you guys. Send me an email to and I will possibly even adopt some of your guys’ traditions into mine.

About The Urban Pastor

Hey again everyone!! I wanted to get back on here after my short post the other day to kind of give you a rundown of what to expect from my new website.

As you know (or most of you know) the meaning of urban relates to a city or a town and a pastor is someone who is in charge of a catholic congregation, or in other words a priest. Now I know what you’re thinking, This is some priest who is going to shove catholicism down our throat.

Well, not exactly. Ya see, I am Catholic and I’m proud to be Catholic. However, I’m not a priest. It was just a catchy title to my domain (or at least I thought). The urban part simply has to do with the fact that I live smack dab in the middle of a city. I’m going to try and do my best to keep that city a secret (for privacy purposes)

With all that said I really want to dive into all things catholic, religion in general (of all kinds), the meaning of life, different catholic churches around the United States that I have been to and why you need to go there to visit. (Ok maybe I will be shoving religion down your throats. Sorry)

I will open up a contact page at some point where you guys can send me a message if you want to speak personally through email.

Thanks again for the support every body and talk soon!!

It’s official!!

Thank you to everyone out there who has already visited my new website!! As you can see I’m now just starting to launch this. I’m tight on time right now so PLEASE come back in the upcoming days and I will lay out exactly what this website will be about and have majority of it cleaned up and made up. Thanks to all of you for your support it means the world to me!!